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In late March, support for Animated PNGs (APNGs) landed on the Mozilla trunk. The web can finally ditch GIF-format animations, as the APNG format offers a superior feature set… Most notably, full 24-bit color and alpha transparency. I was eager to try this out, but there were no editors to build such animations. What to do? Well, I built one. Here’s the first result:

[You’ll only see an animated logo if you’re running a recent trunk build.]

The editor is mostly complete, and I’ll release it as a browser extension once the patch for APNG image encoding support lands (bug 372741). Mozilla is a nifty platform for developing this kind of tool, as I get cross-platform support essentially for free.

Thanks to Grey Hodge for the layered source images.

7 thoughts on “Animated PNG”

  1. I have a nightly a little more recent than a2 and it doesn’t work … it’s too old ???

  2. It works with alpha3 … it’s beautifull… I can’t remember seeing a .gif this clear, with such a good colour etc ..

    Firefox rules, do you have a date to finalize the apng spec ???? Se we can make the web better ? 🙂

  3. Sam: MNG has been argued to death in the bug, so I’ll leave it at that. APNG’s goal was allow the PNG format to be a viable replacement for animated GIFs. It’s a small, simple modification to libpng — which makes it more likely to be implemented/adopted by others.

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