On Monday I posted a Mozilla Labs blog entry discussing the APNG Edit extension I was releasing.

Just for fun, I thought I’d convert my favorite Firefox Flicks video to the APNG format….

The compression algorithms in APNG and AGIF are not really suited for straight conversions from video; doing so tends to result in large files (this one has about 340 frames at 86×75, weighing in at 990KB). Similarly, some images are better suited to JPEG or SVG… One just needs to use the right tool for the job. Hmm, <video> tag, anyone? 🙂

I also made a full-resolution (but still cropped) 230×200 version, although it’s a wee bit large (pun intended). So I’ll just link to it.

The conversion itself was a fairly simple process… I basically used “mplayer -vo png wheee.mov” to convert the QuickTime video to a pile of PNG images, dragged them into my APNG Edit window, and let it chew through them.

2 thoughts on “Wheee!”

  1. The effect is nice, and APNG works fine in the current builds.
    Except for one thing: each frame is decoded into 32bits pixels (ARGB), and maintained in memory, so the ‘whee.png’ is about 4MB, but internal memory usage (see about:cache) is 28MB.

    So, until this is handled differently one should not consider APNG as a video format.

    However, if Firefox/Mozilla could learn to handle APNG/AGIF’s like video, only keeping a few frames in memory, both format will still have a great future.

  2. Would be nice to get hold of the original video and try this then. APNG doesn’t get back what the low-quality MOV lost 😉 Still, very cool, although memory usage is something to think about.

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