Oh, Lord, how I hate X11.

I don’t even remember the last time I managed to install a unix and *not* have some sort of X problem. Well… A few years ago I painlessly installed Solaris on a Sun desktop with a Sun video card and a Sun monitor, but I suppose that doesn’t really count.

Usually the X install just fails to recognize my exact model of video card or monitor, so I at least get a 800×600 desktop in 16 glorious colors to start off with. Except for my last Ubuntu install, which gave me the ATI driver that didn’t actually support my ATI card. [I look forward to the day when legacy text and VESA graphics modes are dropped, and I will have to dig out my serial cable and terminal to finish my install. Anyone have a spare USB-to-serial convertor?]

Today’s fun was a new, slightly different flavor of fail… Solaris Express 9/07. It’s got a spiffy new installer, which even figured out my networking without prompting me. Nice. Rebooted after the install and… Oh No, Not Again. This time it’s complaining about a missing libXfont.so. Thankfully I was able to use the Xsun server instead of the Xorg server, which got me up and running… With the wrong resolution and the wrong monitor orientation.



After further poking around, it seemed the SUNWxorg-server package decided it didn’t want to be installed initially. Why? No idea. One pkgadd later, and it seems to be working.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Lord, how I hate X11.”

  1. Dude, you’re doing something wrong 😉 While I could feel your pain a few years ago, especially Ubuntu has become pretty awesome about handling graphics recently.

    X11 probs are so 1990 😉

  2. The latest versions of ubuntu and friends are getting that aspect quite right. And now that AMD is releasing documentation to write good drivers, it will only improve (for solaris aswell)

  3. Oh gosh, I feel your pain. I’ve been messing up my X settings for a while now. Fortunately, the new version has fixed a lot of things, though I’ve still managed to run into issues (mainly due to trying to get Compiz to run). At least with the new Bulletproof X feature, things should start to work out much more smoothly.

  4. X11 or any rendition thereof is a dead. End of story. For the love of anything remotely sacred, let’s get rid of it already. Network Transparency?. Now days X fails at both things, network transparency and display. I’m a BSDer, but X has never worked without fiddlytwinking…

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