A small amusement for the weekend:

I recently ran across the Whatever button extension. It’s a wry take on the way users have been conditioned to automatically click through any prompt that interrupts their workflow. Sometimes it’s just ignoring a useless popup, sometimes it’s ignoring something that has security implications.

The Whatever Button extension basically concedes defeat, and relabels these “Ok” / “Accept” / etc. buttons to read what they really mean: “Whatever”. When a web site presents you with lengthy Terms of Service legalese, ignore it (like you did before), roll your eyes, and click Whatever. Whaaaaaat-eeeeeever. You may have just sold your first born, but immediate gratification is what you want, and you want it now dammit!

So, if you’re feeling cynical, try it out.


Some related blather:

  • A canister of tasty Monbana chocolates appeared in the office recently. Yay chocolate fairy! I wasn’t familiar with their name, so I Googled it. The first Google result is Monbana’s Legal Terms page — sadly, I was not particularly shocked to see such a page, and assumed it was just another click-through pseudo-legal agreement before entering the site. “By using this site, you have accepted these terms and conditions.” Whatever.
  • Will someone slap Sun’s marketing folks already? There’s been interest in using Solaris tools to help with developing Mozilla, which means downloading Solaris to install it. But to download anything you are forced to first create a “Sun Online Account”. Whatever. The fine engineering folks have assembled a pre-installed VMWare image, which means it now takes more effort to start downloading the damn thing than to actually use it… Grr. Mozilla has been investigating what causes people to abandon Firefox at various points after visiting the download page; I similarly wonder how many people click Sun’s “Free Download” link and then give up before getting to an actual download.

3 thoughts on “Whatever”

  1. I remember trying to download the Java runtime once.

    I spent half an hour trying to figure out where to get it from. I kept getting truncated downloads. I couldn’t use something like wget because their servers would assign unique IDs to each download attempt, and wouldn’t allow restarts. I can’t remember the number of times I had to go back and start again because I usually have JavaScript disabled, and they used it for certain critical links on the page.

    Why they are incapable of putting the file on an FTP server and pointing a link at it is beyond me. Sun seems to specialise in making life difficult.

    Sorry for ranting šŸ™‚

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