This is a nice and simple twist on the usual tagcloud: show people a popular brand/logo, and let them tag it. I bet there are market research companies that sell such data for $lots, now it’s something anyone can build (if you’re clever enough to think of it).

Here’s one of the results for Firefox:


Heh. Am I a geek for noticing how nicely the giant fonts are rendered, before actually reading the tags? (350px tall, in case that broke your feed reader or was stripped.)

Based on font size, Firefox is 43 times more awesome than Microsoft (sorry, IE, no “awesome” tags for you yet), and equally as awesome as Apple. Actually, it looks like there’s a ceiling on awesomeness. Who knew?

(Link, via Neatorama)

One thought on “AWESOME”

  1. I just discovered that Wikipedia is equally awesome (350px). But I think the total awesomeness gets doubled while viewing Wikipedia in Firefox šŸ™‚

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