Thunderbird on Maemo

I set up a Maemo build environment not too long ago, so that I could follow along with the Fennec work. I was curious to see what other Mozilla stuff I could get working for my N810…

That’s the current trunk version of Thunderbird (aka Shredder). I had to jump through a few hoops to build it, but it wasn’t too bad. Setting up Scratchbox and upgrading the compiler is a chore, but once that generic work has been done it builds about the same way as any other platform. Checking out the source was the hardest part — Thunderbird and Seamonkey are in mercurial now, but the checkout script requires the “subprocess” python module, which doesn’t seem to be included in the Maemo packages. Grr! So “python checkout” failed, and I had to stumble my way through checking out the new repo by hand. Thanks to the folks on #maildev for helping out!

How’s it run? Fairly well, from my brief testing. The UI isn’t optimized for small-screen mobile usage, but it seemed responsive enough that I’ll try using it in coming days. The other mail client I’ve tried on the N810 are sucky, quirky, or some combination thereof — so even something barely usable will be nice!

Presumably a SeaMonkey build should work too, since they share a lot of common code, but I didn’t try it.