Stupid MobileMe

A month or two ago this stupid little icon showed up on my menu bar. I found it kind of amusing (in a sad kind of way) because it appeared out of the blue, without my having approved anything, and the dropdown menu had a bunch of redundant items that were all variations of “you are not using MobileMe”.

I noticed today that now it’s complaining about sync conflicts. Which is also kind of sad, because I *still* have never used it, and have no idea what those conflicts could be for (turns out they’re for iCal conflicts… but I don’t use iCal any more). It even *says* that I’ve never used it, and that syncing is disabled!

WTF, Apple?!

6 thoughts on “Stupid MobileMe”

  1. Is there some sort of service running for this? Does dragging the icon out of the bar shut it down?

  2. that blows. That’s the kind of thing I’d only expect with Safari on Windows.

    I believe SyncServices are running regardless of the status of MobileMe. This seems like a feature they’ve tied a little too close to the OS.

    zbraniecki: Cool, I never know about cmd-opt on the menu bar applets before!

  3. i’ve been trying to disable it since i saw it. i can’t unless i sign up for a mobile me account. at least i think i can’t disable it until i do that…who know, if i sign up, maybe i’ll get 5 more icons on my menu bar.

    sad for sure.

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