Last week I noticed something quietly frustrating about reading bugmail in Thunderbird… Someone had generated a bunch of bugspam while shuffling around bugs into new components, and I was cleaning it up. For the most part, sorting the messages by time and deleting a range took care of things. But, I realized, you can’t actually see who generated the bugmail from looking at the folder summary. So if someone else happened to make a change within the spam-timespan, I couldn’t easily tell. Sigh.

All bugmail comes with a From header set to “” (which is basically useless), but there are also a number of other X-Bugzilla-* headers in each message. X-Bugzilla-Who, specifically, has the data I wanted to see. I just needed to have it exposed in Thunderbird!

I filed bug 557945, and the mail folks pointed out this could easily be done with an extension, and even provided links!

So, yadda yadda, a short time later I had written Thunzilla:

Thunzilla is available on AMO. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Thunzilla!”

  1. nice πŸ™‚

    But: could you please add SeaMonkey 2 to the install.rdf file?
    Just that is needed:


    After I have done that locally, it seems to work with SeaMonkey 2.0.4 without problems πŸ™‚

  2. This looks really good, but unfortunately it just won’t work for me. I’ve tried rebuilding the index, and I have received new Bugzilla mails, but none of them have the “functionality” added by Thunzilla. I currently have Swedish localization, is it possible that Thunzilla could break with a foreign locale?

  3. This extension really rocks! I spend much less time reviewing my Bugmail folder now. Thanks a lot!

  4. After “doctoring” the install.rdf as suggested by Adrian (and the link in his second post), it installs with no problems in SeaMonkey 2 (the current 2.0.5pre nightly to be precise)… but… I already filter my bugmail to their own mail folder (which is, therefore, the only folder where I’d like to see Product – Component – Status – User) and SeaMonkey won’t let me set a different choice of columns on different folders 😦 Still I’m keeping it enabled, and I’m trying to make the code appear correctly here (not sure if it’ll work, there is no “Preview” button in this blog):

    <!– SeaMonkey –>

    Oh, and two small nits: (a) “Status” already exists to mean mail status (“Read” etc.); not sure how to lift the ambiguity (“bzStatus” maybe?) (b) Would it be possible to have a “Resolution” column, either in addition, or by replacing “Resolved” in the “Status” column by one of “Worksforme” “Fixed” “Invalid” “Duplicate” etc.?

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