Status and stuff

A bit of stuff I’ve been up to lately:

  • CSS Transitions for videocontrols. Finally got around to landing this. There’s really no visible change, but it replaces and simplifies a whole bunch of Javascript-driven animation code. CSS Transitions are really nice to work with.
  • Use Services.jsm in Login Manager. Gavin added Services.jsm to trunk not that long ago, and it’s one of those things that’s so slick to use we should have done it years ago. There’s been a small flurry of patches to convert various code over to using Services.jsm; it’s trivial work but is really good for code hygiene.
  • A 3rd round of crashed-plugin UI tweaks. Hopefully we’ve got it nailed this time! Also fixed the last of the significant crashed-plugin UI bugs, and started a cleanup of the trunk code in preparation for future work.
  • Reviews of 2 Form History patches for “good first bug” bugs — I need to start tagging more of these! With these fixes, we now avoid saving credit card numbers, and there’s a new option (off by default) to suppress saving data on SSL pages. I’ve also been finishing up patches for helping Weave to sync form data.
  • Finished reviews, tests, and landing for automatic proxy authentication. BenB’s patch is now in the tree, though it’s currently preffed off. If you use a proxy with authentication, enable “signon.autologin.proxy” and give it spin.
  • Finished porting of the C++ WeaveCrypto module to JS-CTypes, and was able to successfully sync between profiles using it.
  • Thunzilla!

Coming up soon:

  • Finish up last quarter’s E10S scoping, and get this quarter’s E10S goal underway.
  • Final polish on the JS-CTypes WeaveCrypto, get it out for review.
  • Doing a little 1 or 2 day sprint with zpao to port most of the remaining C++ form history code to Javascript.
  • Death to (almost) all superfluous Master Password prompts.
  • Other random awesomeness.

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