Regarding the radio star

‘Tis the eve before the Firefox 4 launch. By tomorrow afternoon everyone’s feeds and twitters will be overflowing — overflowing! — with Firefox 4 news, which makes now the perfect time to blog about embarrassing things you’d sooner see forgotten.

So, then, here I am. Blogging. Just between you and I, ok? Great.

I had an… idea… pop into my head a while back. Probably shortly after reading Roc’s post on paint servers, and sometime before Marcus blogged about implementing it. The new CSS -moz-element() function is a delightful little tool that can enable all kinds of clever Hacks. Like mine.

Two words suffice to describe my idea. (Apologies for drawing this out.) Video. Personas. Yes, why settle for static images in your browser chrome when you could have colorful, swirling motion instead? Well… Ahem. There are actually all kinds of reasons why you should settle for static images instead of video chrome. And that’s why I’m a little embarrassed about having implemented this. It’s a delightful hack, but I’m horrified to think someone might actually USE it.

Thus, without further ado — Video Personas. Install the addon linked there, and try out the examples on the page.

Then uninstall it and let us never speak of this again.