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I was feeling a little bit ornery today, and decided to take a look at unowned reviews in Bugzilla (aka patches with a review request “to the wind”, instead of requesting review from some specific person).

After a bit of head scratching to figure out _how_ to get a list of such bugs through the search form, I gave up and use Teh Googlez to get my search query.

When I started there were ~130 requests (in ~110 bugs) across all of Bugzilla. Surprisingly, many of the requests (maybe 2/3rds?) were in bugs that were already resolved fixed/invalid/dupe/wfm, and were thus easily cleared out — along with a comment to take action if there was some non-obvious reason to keep the patch active. (And I use the word “active” loosely as most of these patches were _years_ old.)

For the patches in bugs which were still open, I generally assigned to a reviewer I knew was active in that area (to either close the bug out, perform a review, or reassign to someone else). In a few cases, where patches were really ancient (e.g. 6+ years waiting for a review!) I cleared the review and asked that the patch be updated or bug closed. Reviews of that vintage are simply not useful, and stand in the way of driving this list of reviews to Zarro.

Currently, there are now ~35 unassigned review requests (in ~25 bugs). Most of those are in in Rhino/Tamarin or, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I’ll ask around this week.


9 thoughts on “Unowned Reviews”

  1. Is there a reason review requests in closed bugs aren’t automatically cleared? (who has a review due on a long-closed legal bug that wouldn’t have shown up in your query 😉

  2. Thanks for doing this 🙂 It’s interesting to know that there are so few reviews from the wind; I didn’t realise. When we are driving the list to zarro, it’s probably not worth making special arrangements for those, then. Useful info.

  3. I’m surprised this is so low actually. At least, I’ve set review to :gavin more than once and not realized he doesn’t have alias.

  4. Excellent work! I’ve been doing this on the products most relevant to Thunderbird for a while.

    I’ve also got a bugzilla whine set up for requests that are on closed bugs. Generally these aren’t necessary and they either get cleared, or monitored if its something that is needed (sometimes I let the no-requests on closed bugs slip for a bit).

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