Photon Engineering Newsletter #3

Three! Time for update number three! Ah-ah-ah…

Let’s get straight to it.

Recent Changes

  • Work on the new application menu is nearing completion. Edit controls and Firefox Account status have been added, along with keyboard navigation. The “exit” and “zoom” controls are the last remaining features to implement.
  • The new overflow menu panel is done, except for polish and bug fixes.
  • The above are still behind the browser.photon.structure.enabled while we finish initial development, but we expect to turn them on by default (in Nightly) in the next couple of weeks.
  • The new sidebar switcher has landed. You can change what’s displayed in the sidebar (bookmarks, history, synced tabs) from at control at the top of the sidebar itself.
  • Work on the new Library button is starting.
  •  Work continues on animations for downloads toolbar button, stop/reload button, and page loading indicator – but these haven’t landed yet.


Visual redesign:
  • The skeleton of the onboarding overlay system add-on is under review. This will initially be used to introduce new Firefox users to some of the great features of Firefox they might not otherwise know about. Later, we’ll be using this same framework to help introduce existing Firefox users to the changes coming in Firefox 57. Here’s a short GIF from the prototype showing what the experience is like, starting from a badge on the new-tab page:
  • Other improvements to the first-run experience are planned to ship in Firefox 55: a better download page, updated stub installer, removing the default-browser prompt, and a less intrusive data-privacy notice. We want to help new users start using Firefox without annoyances or hassle.


That’s it for now. More next time!

5 thoughts on “Photon Engineering Newsletter #3”

  1. Hi!
    Will it be possible to keep the refresh to the right side of the location bar?

    1. You’ll be able to move the stop/reload button, as with other toolbar buttons, but that’s not currently functional.

      1. Thanks! I prefer when stop/reload button is to the right. Better UX for me, typing in the location bar and when hit go or stop/reload. Like an enter key or hit enter for next paragraph.

  2. Sorry to ask about it here but i don’t know (yet) how to find this information on bmo.
    Will the library be redesigned too? I find the current interface a bit ugly and old compared to the rest of Firefox.

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