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Firefox flowers

I was at IKEA the other day (for the first time ever!), and juuust as I was about to make it out the door with minimal expense I saw their assortment of fake flowers, and knew what had to be done.

Adds some nice color to my desk at work, when I get bored of it I’ll probably move it so some conference room. 🙂

Make your own!

19 SNÄRTIG flowers (5 blue, 1 yellow, 3 yellow-orange, 7 orange, 3 red).
1 red SMYCKA flower.

I had the red and black filler sitting around from some other store, but it’s easily available. (Note symbolism in Firefox being anchored in the rock of Mozilla.)

My cat, Munchkin, is not available for sale. Sorry.

(…i can haz flowers?)

This is not a cat post.

I don’t want to become some kind of crazy cat person, so this post will be about a dog instead. 🙂

Just before the holiday break we had an afterwork gathering here at Mozilla HQ to have a little fun… Dan Mills brought in his Wii (Rayman Raving Rabbids is highly amusing!), but the star of the party was Samantha. She’s the pet dog of our office manager, and is a frequent visitor to the workplace. Samantha got quite a workout rolling a basketball around the office!