Photon Engineering Newsletter #12

Let’s get straight into update #12!

Oh, hey, anyone notice any icon chances recently? Yeah, they’re pretty wonderful. Or maybe I should say funderful? Looking forward to where they end up!


Speaking of looking forward, I’m going to be on vacation for the next two weeks. But fear not! Jared and Mike will be covering Photon updates, so you’ll still be able to get your Photon phix.

Recent Changes




Visual redesign:

  • Updated the button positions in the navbar, and made them more customizable. (This was a contributor patch – thanks!)
  • Close buttons updated across the UI (also a contributor patch!)
  • The “Compact Light” and “Compact Dark” themes have been renamed to simply “Light” and “Dark”. (The UI density setting is already independent of the theme.)




12 thoughts on “Photon Engineering Newsletter #12”

  1. Photon is a great project and I like it.
    Just two simple suggestions:
    – Make open the Library in a tab and not in separate window;
    – RSS icon in Locationbar.

    1. Unfortunately the Photon feature-set is pretty well locked-in at this point, so other work will have to wait until after 57.

  2. Hi! There’s a plan to work on the download pop up? Maybe migrate that part into a tab or something like that?

    1. Great question! This work is currently landing in the development branch of Firefox, and you can download builds from Or you can sit tight, and wait for the final version when it’s released to the general Firefox population in November.

  3. Will detachment and reattachment of tab to windows animation be improved?
    Chrome has a very slick style to do this. Is something similar planned for Photon?

  4. This look great so far! Question: will it ever be possible to use native context menus on macOS? The context menus in FF now seem to be pretty deeply-ingrained, but I was wondering if this was something that could have been changed in the major 57 overhaul.

    1. Why do you want “native” menus — is there something missing or not looking right? I don’t see anything obvious (other than the icons we added at the top).

      1. They look fine, but the behavior is not correct. On native applications on Mac, when you hold down the right mouse button for a few seconds then release, the context menu should disappear. On Firefox, the context menus don’t disappear. The other thing is if you go into “Mission Control”, the native behavior is to close the context menu. That doesn’t happen in Firefox either.

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